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Livingbeasts is a small independent costume maker from Norway, specializing in making custom made costumes known as "fursuits". These costumes are similar to mascot costumes, but they differ in that they are handmade with high quality materials and are specifically tailored for the client.
Livingbeasts started their business in May 2018, but have had an interest in costuming and cartoon animals long before that.
The goal for Livingbeasts is to bring characters to life trough
their work
, hence the name "LIVINGbeasts".


Need help? No Problem. Contact us:


Please keep in mind that these are only base prices. The prices of a custom costume may rise depending on amount of colours and details.

Fursuit-Head: 430$+
Mini Partial (Head, Hands & Tail): 520$+
Full Partial (Head, Feet, Hands & Tail): 640$+
Handpaws: 180$+
Puffy Hand-Paws: 215$+
Bodysuits (coming soon)
Fullsuits (coming soon)

I usually do not offer indiviual parts commissions, unless you already have a head or partial made by me.


A quote is a price estimate on how much a custom made costume would cost for you based on your character or what you are looking for. A quote is needed if you want to commission a costume from LivingBeasts.
It would be helpful if you could specify whether you are looking to commission right away or are only looking for a price estimate.
For a quote PM LivingBeasts on their social media (when quotes are open) or contact us via Email

Comissions: Closed (Check the queue here)


Where do you buy faux fur?

  • I buy from Big Z fabrics, Howlfabrics and Mohair Bear Making supplies

Do you make fullsuits?

  • Not yet, since I have yet to make a bodysuit for my examples. I'm currently working on a bodysuit commission that I'm I'l be using as an example for future fullsuit commissions

When do you open for commissions/quotes?

  • I rarely have a set date in mind for commission openings. Follow my social media for updates on openings.

Can you make [insert species here]?

  • Most likey, yes! I’m fine with making most animals and fantasy creatures.

How long will it take to make a costume?

  • It’s hard to say exactly how long a costume will take to be made, since each commission is unique.

  • A rought estimate is 1-6months.

Are you ok with making adult mods?

  • Yes, I can make them. You'll have to be 18 or older to commission adult modifcations.